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Considering purchasing property privately, through an agent, or at an auction and unsure of what you require I can assure you that we have the correct information for you

Property valuations are often required to offer accurate information about the value of property. But, different properties and circumstances dictate different valuations. Whether you are a first-time buyer or need insurance reinstating. Here at Sterlingworth Surveyors, our experienced RICS chartered surveyors are here to help.

It is important to distinguish that a valuation is not a survey. While a market valuation may include a quick review of the property's size, condition, and location, it is valuation “focused” and will not comment further on any flaws or other aspects that do not materially affect the value of property.

Check out this list of information to see which valuation you require from London chartered surveyors.
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On the market valuation is a professional judgement of the value of property, based on the current market conditions at the time of valuation. Our chartered surveyors will objectively analyse and evaluate a number of elements that may affect the relationship between buyers, sellers, investors and occupiers.

A desktop valuation is a property valuation that is completed without a physical inspection. It is usually used when a thorough inspection of a property is not possible. Though these are not formal valuations, our RICS surveyors will still make judgements based on their expertise and arrive at a credible assessment.

Whether they own a single buy-to-let property or a collection of many more, landlords will need to commission a property valuation report at some point. When it comes to buy-to-let homes, getting an accurate valuation is critical as lenders often want a particular loan-to-value

A reinstatement cost of a property is the amount it would cost to fully rebuild the home. This includes the costs of clearing the site, labour and professional fees. For this, the insurance reinstatement valuation dictates how much the property should be insured for in case of an emergency.


These property valuations are required primarily for building insurance applications, to ensure the correct amount is insured.

rebuild amount for the dwelling valued.

A retrospective valuation is a value of a property performed before the Surveyor's inspection. Whether this is for property in the 60s, 70s or 80s for example, our chartered surveyors will conduct extensive historical research and offer you a precise estimate of what the property would have been worth on the selected date.

The process of evaluating land with development potential is known as residual value. The amount of money available for land purchase can be estimated by subtracting the value of the completed development from the development costs (including profit). 


A portfolio or estate valuation may be required for a number of different reasons. These may include prospective purchase, to prospective disposal reasons. Our London surveyors make credible and reliable assessments that are catered to a client’s specific needs. An express service is available at an additional charge.

This valuation is aimed at either a new or seasoned financier, considering investing in a property or renting out a property. It provides the investor with financial viability assessments for refurbishment and rental properties. All of which our chartered surveyors can undertake to determine the value of property.

We understand that buying a property at auction can be challenging. You don’t want to overbid a property, or not take into consideration other factors that will affect the value. Auction property surveys can put your mind at ease, providing you with a valuation range and highlighting any issues.

Property valuations are required for a number of reasons in regard to tax. From calculating Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance tax, and tax for non-domicile individuals or corporate bodies. Sterlingworth Surveyors would be more than happy to assist with any valuations.

When a loved one passes and leaves behind their property to you, a valuation is required even if you are not selling the property. Our London surveyors can make this journey less stressful by working closely with you and understanding your circumstances through the valuation process.

Breaking up with a long-term partner is never easy. Especially when a property is involved. At Sterlingworth Surveyors, we remain impartial. We aim to have the valuation provided as amicably as possible.

A House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence is needed for any property occupied by five or more persons; creating two or more different households for licencing purposes.

You'll be relieved to learn that there are legislative requirements that allow chartered surveyors to consider the income generated when appraising a property. Our valuations can help highlight issues, and/or help prepare a financial viability assessment at an early stage.


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