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Sterlingworth surveyors are here to help with Valuations, Rent Review, and Dilapidations
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Our commercial surveyors are able to provide private valuations for businesses, no matter the size. Accurate valuations are essential for a healthy commercial market, serving as foundations for performance evaluations, financing decisions and taxations. Our chartered surveyors will approach valuations on a case-by-case basis, with a certified reason stated.

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A rent review is used to alter the rent to reflect changes in the money and the value of property. At Sterlingworth, our residential property surveyors provide rent review services; including establishing current market conditions and negotiating revisions.


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Almost every tenancy will include requirements regarding the appearance and maintenance of the premises. Failure to comply with such requirements will result in a claim for dilapidations. At Sterlingworth, we provide both midterm and final dilapidation property surveys. Each case is assessed on an individual basis.


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