What Are the Benefits of Using a Commercial Surveyor?

benefits of a commercial surveyor

Many structures contain hidden flaws that the vendor may choose to conceal or be unaware of. As a result, a commercial surveyor can inspect the property; ensuring that the investment is worth making. Our surveyors can spot problems like damp and wet rot, as well as broken foundations and structural difficulties, potentially saving you hundreds […]

What is a Schedule of Dilapidations?

schedule of dilapidations

Landlords can hire an RICS registered surveyor to compile a schedule of dilapidations at any time throughout the lease term (interim dilapidations) or at the end of the lease term (final dilapidations). The surveyor will conduct a dilapidations survey to determine the property’s condition. They’ll next create a schedule of dilapidations report that includes all […]

First Time Buyer’s Advice From RICS Registered Surveyors

first time buyers rics registered surveyors

Deciding to buy your first property is a big step. It may at first seem daunting, but there are simple steps that can ensure an efficient process for first-time buyers. As the property market in London continues to expand, it is important to work with professional RICS registered surveyors for the best-informed decisions. Start Saving […]

What are the Different Types of Surveys?

Two builders wearing hardhats looking at a blueprint at a building site.

Simply put, building surveys are conducted to examine the conditions of a property. Whether this is for finding structural flaws or to gauge a better understanding of a property and any areas which could represent hidden expenditure. No matter the reason, these property surveys vary depending on the specific type selected. Typically, there are three […]

Are Property Surveys a Legal Requirement?

property surveys man pressing on house

At Sterlingworth Surveyors, we understand that surveying is a vital process to determine the value of a property. Whether this is to preserve and ascertain the current condition of the property; assist in planning current/future repairs; general maintenance; determine land boundaries or give homeowners peace of mind. There are many reasons why property surveys occur.  […]