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We are an independent firm based in south, south west and west London providing a range of residential and commercial property surveying services. We offer comprehensive services and professional advice to all our clients; ranging from both public and private sector organisations, to individuals, landlords and tenants. Call us on 020 777 09908 to discuss your requirements.

Who We Are

At Sterlingworth Surveyors, we focus on providing quality professional services for property related matters. Our aim is to leave you in a position where you are able to make a well-informed decision. As a RICS regulated firm, and a member of The Property Ombudsman, we pride ourselves in adhering to the highest industry and ethical standards.

All of our professional work is carried out by RICS qualified members, and valuation work is carried out by RICS Registered Valuers. We offer a range of professional services for you to choose from to help meet your needs. Should you require a more bespoke service, please get in touch. We will be happy to accommodate your request.

We make use of the latest available market information and viable technology to ensure precise reporting across all our services.

We primarily work for a range of public and private sector clients, expats and foreign individuals across South, South West and West London. Have a requirement beyond these areas? Please get in touch to see how we may assist you.

What We Do

Are you considering purchasing a house privately, through a selling agent or at auction? Unsure how much to offer/place a maximum bid for? Are you a seller, considering selling your property? This product delivers a representation of a fair market value correct at the time of inspection rom the eyes of a mortgage valuer. It will point out any issue that can hinder the buying/selling process, allowing you to make an informed decision. Physical inspection carried out.
A representation of a fair market value on the basis of desktop analysis. A physical inspection is not carried out. Often used to monitor the value of properties for an economic fee.
Are you considering purchasing a property with the view of renting it out (known as a Buy to Let)? This valuation provides a representation of a fair market value, and market rental value for Buy to Let properties. Physical inspection carried out. Desktop valuation can be provided at client request.
Have you been asked for an insurance reinstatement by your home insurance providers? Do you need to know the rebuild cost for your home? This is a specific valuation used for insurance purposes. This calculates the estimated rebuild amount for the dwelling valued.
Often used for portfolio monitoring or litigation purposes. If you would like to know how much your house was worth at some point in the past then this is the service for you (Valuations can be pre-dated as far as 2005*). A physical inspection is not carried out.
Are you a developer? Are you interested in purchasing/putting in a bid for a development plot? Do you own a plot or have a scheme you would like evaluated to establish viability? This valuation product provides the client with a Gross Development Value and will help you decide on the financial viability of a project. Express service available at an additional charge.
A Portfolio / Estate valuation may be required for a number of different reasons. These may include prospective purchase, to prospective disposal reasons. Express service available at an additional charge.
This valuation product is aimed at either a new or seasoned investor considering investing in property with the view to either refurbishing, and/or rent out a property. It provides the investor with financial viability assessments for refurbishment, and rental properties. Express service available at an additional charge.
This service is aimed at Housing associations/shared ownership markets, requiring a market valuation for what is known as ‘stair-casing ‘. Please note, the lender of choice may be sending their own valuation surveyor to place their own value on the property.
We understand that buying a property at auction can be challenging. There is generally uncertainty regarding how much to bid for, and if there are any defects present in the property, or any other considerations that may effect value. Having us carryout an auction valuation can help put your mind at ease, and will provide you with a valuation range, and highlight any defects/issues that will/can have valuation considerations.
Property market valuations are required for a variety of tax reasons. From calculating Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance tax, and tax for non-domicile individuals or corporate bodies. Sterlingworth Surveyors would be happy to assist you. Express service available at an additional charge.
We understand this is an emotional time, and we are sorry you have to consider a probate valuation. We will work with you, understand the needs, and help make this journey less stressful.
We understand this is a difficult time. As professionals we remain impartial. Either party can instruct us, or both parties. We aim to have the valuation provided as amicably as possible.
If you are purchasing or disposing a HMO, it can pay to have the property independently valued prior to approaching an estate agent, or relying on a bank valuer. Our valuation can help point out issues, and/or help you prepare a financial viability assessment at an early stage.

Why do individuals commission surveys? A property is often the largest and most expensive purchase an individual will do in their life. It costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy, and thousands of pounds arranging the purchase. The last thing any purchaser wants is an expensive repair issue to crop up soon after purchasing their property. According to research conducted by the RICS, the average house repair bill homebuyers face when moving in to a new place is £5,750.00!**

"One in five homebuyers only get a mortgage valuation report, so it's no surprise that many are hit with unexpected repair bills when they move in." *

A mortgage valuation is only a valuation report ensuring the lender that their investment is safe. It is not a survey (hyperlink to "A valuation is not a survey" document) for applicants, even if the applicant is paying for it! In many instances mortgage valuations do not highlight repair issues that are not hugely detrimental to preservation of value. In other words, the majority of mortgage valuations will only highlight serious damage that would render a property unsuitable for lending, and nothing more.

Repairable issues, which would have otherwise been highlighted and helped the purchaser in making an informed decision go unnoticed, and upon completion, the previous owner(seller) is no longer responsible for repair work.

All surveys offered are carried out by RICS qualified surveyors, and in accordance to RICS guidelines. So rest assured, when you commission Sterlingworth Surveyors to carry out a survey, you are in capable hands, and we will aim to deliver the best advice to help you make an informed decision.

We have helped hundreds of clients make informed decisions, whether it is bringing repair issues/building defects to their attention, or helping estimate the cost of repairs allowing them to re-negotiate the purchase price.

Please have a look at the range of surveys we offer. A bespoke survey tailored to your specific needs can also be arranged, should your expectations be greater than what is offered. Please note that whilst we strive to inspect as many areas as possible, we adhere to the RICS Surveying Safely document, and inspections in safely accessible areas only are carried out.

* Source: Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
** Source: "A valuation is not a survey" (RICS)

This survey our own bespoke equivalent of what is known as an RICS Condition Report. This level of survey will give you a basic idea of the property and highlight any apparent/impending building defect that will require attention either immediately or in the near future. This is an economic survey aimed at individuals who want a basic idea of what to expect. It can also be used by existing homeowners want to get their property sale ready.
This is an RICS HomeBuyer Survey. Aimed particularly at houses dating from between 1900 to slightly modern properties. This is an extensive survey that gives you a snapshot of the property, discusses the fabric of a building in some detail, and highlights any building defect that either requires attention immediately or in the near future. This is a more in-depth survey compared to a House Check (Level 1).
This level of survey will include an RICS HomeBuyer report, with a local geological map showing sub-soil formation, flood risk, radon exposure, and a copy of the EPC(if valid). Aimed at individuals who would like an RICS Survey, and information which would help them plan possible extensions to the property at a later date.
This is the most detailed survey aimed at older, unusual properties, or if major renovation works are planned. This survey will detail the fabric of the building, and will deliver increased detail on building defects that are both present and foreseeable.
This is a report tailored to those individuals who are buying a newbuild property, and want to make sure internal finishing and surfaces are that of a ‘new-build’ standard. On many occasions we have found that purchasers complete on their new-build property, only to find a cracked windowpane, or chipped floor covering. The snagging report goes over the property with a fine-toothed comb and ensures you get the quality you are paying for.
Often used where a property is being purchased as a project, for/on-behalf of an investor, or where a legal case is being prepared for sub-standard workmanship. A Schedule of Conditions report breaks down the fabric of the building and gives a professional assessment on how to repair a property, and how much the repair is estimated to cost. This helps individuals make an informed decision on the financial viability of a project/pursuit of litigation.
If your specific requirement is greater than those listed, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to assist you with your query.

A present market valuation for the property can also be provided for an additional fee (starting from £100/+).
In a hurry? Is the completion date looming? Or are you in a bidding war for a project and need helping in assessing the financial viability of a project? An Express service is available at an additional charge. If commissioned, we aim to have your valuation/survey ready within 1-2 working days.
We are pleased to announce that we can assist you in party wall matters. We can help draw up a party wall agreement compliant with ‘The Party Wall etc. Act 1996’. We can also lead negotiations on your behalf and ensure you receive the best advice possible.
A lease is granted by a Freeholder and allows you 'quiet use and enjoyment of land' for a specified amount of time. This is referred to as the lease term. Usually this is written for 99, 125, 155, 250, or 999 years. After the specified amount of years, the property/land reverts back to the Freeholder. There are legal provisions in place, which allow a leaseholder to extend the term of their lease. This is formally called a lease extension. This calculates the premium that should be negotiated with the freeholder in order to grant a lease extension.
We able to provide Expert witness services for property related disputes. Whilst prefer matters are resolved in an amicable manner, should the need arise, you can put your mind at ease knowing that at Sterlingworth Surveyors, a competent expert will be dealing with your case.

We also offer a range of commercial services:

About Us

At Sterlingworth Surveyors we focus on helping our clients make informed decisions. We achieve this by using our knowledge and expertise in property, and tailoring our services around our your needs. We welcome phone calls and appointments. We will listen to your needs fully before suggesting an appropriate survey/valuation product.

Sterlingworth Surveyors was born in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, when the world was experiencing perhaps the most challenging of times. This was a time when change was forced upon many of us. Difficult times drive change, and it is in these difficult times that we accepted the challenges ahead and adopted the change the market needed.

We understand that people live busy lives, and may sometimes require expert opinion. We are here to accommodate that need. As a client centric business, we pride ourselves in delivering a world-class service. We believe in protecting public interests, which is why we share monthly newsletters keeping clients and members informed with property related news. Sign up to our monthly newsletters to stay informed.

Our Process

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Looking For Talent

We at Sterlingworth Surveyors are always looking for talent. If you are RICS qualified, or in your penultimate year on a course with the view of becoming RICS qualified (SAVA course, etc), we would love to hear from you. We offer competitive pay and a leading bonus structure.

Send your CV and we will get in touch.